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Welcome, my name is Piet Sijm and I am the President of VWS Export-Import of Flowerbulbs BV in the Netherlands, which nowadays is run by my son Gert Sijm, the second generation.

With more than 42  years of experience, we are an export import company exporting more than 100 million flower bulbs of reliable quality, amongst others Lilies, Tulips, Gladioli and Irises;  to more than 60 countries within the continents of Asia, South America, Africa and of course Europe.


Our main core business is exporting and importing top reliable quality programmed flower bulbs; meaning, we manipulate our flower bulbs in a way that we can make them bloom anywhere in the world at any time.

For us to do this, we grow flower bulbs in Chile, New Zeeland and France in order to guarantee a year-round supply, ready for our customers wherever they are. Thanksto our increasingly intensive quality control, virus control, track and trace system and technical support there is always abeautiful flower blooming at your sight.


Ourstory began in 1972 in Egmond (Netherlands) specializing in Tulips and Gladiola and exporting to 4 countries. In 1998 together with my wife we took over the business. Nowadays we are a company with more than 42 years of experience specializing in Tulips, Gladiola, Lilies, Irises and exporting more than 100 million flower bulbs to more than 60 countries, such as South American countries, Italy, Vietnam, China, Japan, Australia, India, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Our processes are fully automated, from washing using 100% recycled water and natural products, to packing and to testing bulbs. In our greenhouse we plant in soil samples of all batches and new varieties on the market.

Depending on the country and the season, we know which varieties are suitable for each country and climate – that is our strength! We help our clients not only with the right variety but with pre and post sales service by phone, social media or personally with regular visits to the cultivation areas of our customers; cooperating with them provides the best results for all parties involved. A satisfied client, a high standard product and a business cooperation that will last.

We assist local growers in countries like India, Vietnam and South America by teaching them how to grow their flower bulbs and successfully sell the flowers afterwards. We advise our customers which flower bulbs are most suitable for the region and climate. Supporting them to develop and expand their business is a mayor goal to us, as well as sharing knowledge on the cultivation of flower bulbs.

Last but not least we’ve became one of the few Flower business companies adapting to the actual and future needs and tendencies in the social media market, by creating a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blog account and Apps for your smart phone or tablet; and I may say that since we did so, we have seen an increase in our business not only for new customers but for actual ones. 

Providing information in real time is well appreciated anywhere in the world – we are a click away. Of course you can’t forget that still they are markets that prefer the face to face and voice to voice contact – so we also adapt to their needs. We respect the old and new ways of doing business.


Continuously improving our products and processes is a must for us; so we can comply with ISO 9001 and AEO certification. This does not only generate more efficiency, accuracy and quality, but it makes work easier as well.

With the seasonal nature of our work it is important to be innovative so we exchange staff with local companies. In this way it brings mutual profit by gaining experience that can be put into practice and generate new ideas as well as improving ways of working.

Don’t depend on one client and/or country, be open and flexible to new developments and/or trends; listen to your customers by understanding their culture and speaking the same language, by being a partner working together to generate business – the truth is long term partnerships always work best.

To summarize: We are not just a company that exports and imports flower bulbs- we are friendly, pleasant, passionate and motivated people who listen to you, making you feel at home, looking for solutions together with a vision for the future with our doors open.


“Looking for solutions together with a vision for the future”



·         42 years of experience focusing on the future

·         Exports more than 100 million flower bulbs to more than 60 countries

·         Specialized in top reliable quality programmed flower bulbs

·         Top 10 exporter from The Netherlands Flower bulbs.

·         AEO and ISO 9001 Certified

·         Social media active – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Apps

2603-2014: The Public Vote in the European Business Awards has now closed.